The Hubert Schwyzer Quartet

Hubert Schwyzer was a kind and gentle human being, loved by all who knew him. A remarkably selfless philosopher, his work was motivated solely by the desire to win his way to philosophical insight and understanding.

In spring 2007, Westmont College in Montecito, California, commissioned the construction of the Hubert Schwyzer quartet, with the intention of keeping these instruments in residence in perpetuity in the music department for use in faculty and student concerts. The debut concert with the Hubert Schwyzer Quartet will be held at Deane Chapel at Westmont College on Nov. 20, 2009 at 8:00PM.

Quartet The quartet consists of a ‘cello, viola, and two violins, all patterned after the same maker, in this case Antonius Stradivarius. In order to achieve visual and tonal unity, the wood itself and the varnish was matched throughout. Bosnian maple, cut from adjacent sections of the same handsomely figured stem was used to shape the back, ribs and neck of the instruments. Select rare curly figured German spruce (”Haselfichte”), similarly matched, forms the bellies of the set.


Hubert Schwyzer


  James Wimmer, Violin Maker