Welcome to the home page of Santa Barbara luthier James Wimmer. A professional violin maker since 1980, Mr. Wimmer established his studio in Santa Barbara, California in 1986, choosing the Mediterranean climate and cultural richness of this beautiful city as perfect for the crafting of artist quality violins, violas and violoncelli.

Trained in Germany under the careful mentorship of master violin makers Wolfgang Uebel, whose family history of violin making can be traced back to the year 1710, and Herbert Rainer Knobel, Mr. Wimmer brings this old world tradition of classical violin construction to bear in his concert quality instruments today.

The methods and tools used in the making of bowed orchestral stringed instruments have remained largely unchanged since the sixteenth century. Great care is taken in the choice of European tonewoods, specifically milled for use by luthiers. The varnish and subtle coloring are formulated by the master and applied by brush, much like the painter's art, resulting in instruments of great sonority and classical visual beauty.

The violin maker's art has led to many collaborative projects with fine players whose music influenced Mr. Wimmer's own approach to violin playing over the years. These interactions lend an ever deeper understanding of the intricacies of this ancient art.

"James has joined the ranks of that very small, elite group of full fledged master violin makers, already a legendary American maker..." More.


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  James Wimmer, Violin Maker